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Mic Check – The Idiocy of Mumble Rappers | EP.02

  • Tiffany Gholston

    OMG!!! Thank you for addressing this weird trend with this new generation of “artists”! What’s the most disturbing aspect of this is that legitimate rappers like Jay-Z have altered their original sound to this mess and make it hard for their original sound to have a chance on the airwaves. And to answer your question, no you’re not too old at 26. Again thanks for the sanity check and please, please, please keep calling this buffoonery out for the nonsense that it is.

  • Ronald Moss

    I’m 58 and I pulled this from my timeline to demonstrate the youth who are true to the game. I ain’t listenin’ to that mumble rap bullshiggity….nope not me… https://www.facebook.com/teambackpack/videos/10153909349194605/

  • Najee S Trice

    They don’t hear us though!! Been saying this for a while now. Thanks for preaching the truth man.

  • Ian

    What instrumental did you use in this video?

    I really like the instrumental and I would use it if able.

    Here are a few of the recent songs I’ve made. The Dead Presidents remix is from 2014 though.


  • Tooncis

    Well said. Please continue to hold everybody accountable.