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[WATCH] Marlon Craft – POLITICKIN’


In a time like this Marlon Craft tries to offer a moment of clarity.  And just in time for the 2016 Presidential Debate.. Are you voting?


Song: Marlon Craft – Politickin’
Colored/Edited – Zach | IG @Zach.moc ([email protected] )

america the beautiful, home of state murder
corruption and pharmacuticals, hatred that’s institutional
bullshit that i maneuver through, take yo’ stagnant wages
and be a good consumer you, choose the facts thats true to you/
elections are upon us, if only that implied
that reflection was upon us, Im sitting here worried
bout who’s next up in this office, on one hand
we got ignorant negligent and pompous, but yet i still acknowledge/
that on the the other side we got in debt to corporate sponsors
say she’ll take down big banks while they lay blessins in her pockets
i’m questionin it all shit, aint saying that its equal
but the lesser of two evils ain’t impressin me at all its/
a pivotal moment, our struggles the same but our differences showing
some us still live in the past and some of us live to disown it
some be denying its power, consciences hide and just cower
wishing they could go back to a time when blacks lives didn’t matter/
and it was written in law, times just shifted that’s all
all we did was modernize racism lynchin’s and all
prisons and bars education systems thats missin the par
trump rally klan rally more shared traits than differences dog/
it’s that routine divide and conquer
cuz when you hate your enemy the wealthy always prosper
i swear its like half of the country is gone off of a qualude
banks put millions out their homes but you mad at a gay dude/
my sis college loans cost pops 7 percent
while banks whos greed left people jobless on sheckles and cents
gt it for 0.7, and we don’t see no trickle down
and capitol hill wonder why we think their words fickle now/
supposed to be a government run by checks and balances
but they be more concerned with checks and what their balance is
i wonder how they turn it up at a congress party
do they be like we in the building! cuz they damn sure getting lobbied/
its capitalism, see you work for who’s paying you
so do your homework, find out who’s funding that campaign that you
supporting, know the truth then hit the booth and lay that vote down
i know it feel like bullshit, but they banking that you won’t now/
can’t give control to the reality star with a thick head
people say he got balls but all i see is a dickhead
we can’t condone the hate we can’t let our brothers and sisters down
start with local elections then take the whole system down/
i ain’t preachin’ but I’ve had to sit through a lot of speeches
sift through a lot of feces seeking truth in a hopeless place
I’m just tired of the lying in this bitch
since we couldn’t feel the bern lets start a fire in this bitch/
this election will be rough lets find a diamond in this shit
and once we get rid of trump form an alliance that don’t quit
for love peace and equality, socially economically
might think you left or right but LOVE is one ideology/
and if you ain’t with spreading that you getting left in the dust
your breed is dying leave y’all in an incestuous dump
the youth is alive, we looking forward with most prudent of eyes
willing to dedicate our lives so that truth can survive