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This year TBP cyphers were quality over quantity. Sure we had less cyphers this year each one we put out was epic! Here are the top 5 cyphers of 2016!



Who would have thought that one day TeamBackPack would have not one but three legends on the Mission Underground stage! The truth is we did, this cypher was a landmark in TBP history. The very fact that is happened landed this cypher at number five. We are super thankful that Twista, Cassidy and Ghostface were apart of the TBP mission! This is only the beginning of legendary cyphers. You have know who might show up in 2017!



The Three Wise Men reunion was one of the most anticipated moments of Mission Underground. In fact this cypher boast a whooping 11 minutes! This is not your typical cypher, half way through it turns into a full on roast between comrades that no one saw coming. The chemistry alone makes this fun to watch.



Talk about flawless, the stars were aligned when it came to cypher! Although Don Mykel, Shadow The Great and Final Outlaw did not plan their verses together or saw the graphics shown behind them it all seemed to fit perfectly together. This cypher offers one cohesive theme with unmatched talent.


Could there be a more fierce match up? Bar for bar this could have easily been a bar fight, maybe next time. But seriously, having Cyhi and Locksmith on the same stage was strictly for the culture. The two MC’s are the most talked about and highly known for their impeccable lyrics. While their style and delivery are polar opposites both are able to attack the beat with such force you cant look away.



Hands down our favorite cypher this year had to be Chris Rivers, Denzil Porter and Oswin Benjamin the first time they took the cypher stage together in our LAX 2 JFK Cypher Series. This was the day OCD was born and the world would know that rap game would never be the same. The three MC’s put in hours of work to conjure up the perfect verses to compliment one another all adding up to the perfect cypher. TBP fans were able to experience something creative and completely original. It was so good that  Chris Rivers even challenged rappers to top this cypher. As we see now, no one did.



  • David Collins

    I topped it… Carolina Barz by CollinsBoy shows you how it’s done.

    You think because we’re down here in North Carolina we can’t drop a vicious cypher? We’ll check this….