[READ] Why Tupac Is Still Alive Today

[READ] Why Tupac Is Still Alive Today

[READ] Why Tupac Is Still Alive Today




Written By: Brandon Thomas

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We Still See Tupac

Many people far and wide have made claims of spotting the Legend Tupac Shakur in multiple places. There have been photos of him in random clubs, award shows, and even walking amongst people at random events. One of my favorite conspiracy stories is that he’s hiding in Cuba. Tupac’s impact can be seen in many rappers, singers, and even influential leaders outside of the hip hop culture.

Pac was a strong influence on the game. He brought excitement and was the type of artist that always had you wondering what he was going to do next. -Krayzie Bone

I can very much sympathize with why people would want him to still be alive. His influence is amazing and even though he’s not with us in the physical, Tupac is very much alive. In 2003 the singer Jhene Aiko was changed forever by the film “Tupac Resurrection”. Jhene was only 8 years old when Tupac passed away and yet his personality and influence has left a major print on Jhene’s heart. In honor of Pac, Jhene recreated photos of the iconic rapper this year. She says in an MTV interview, “He’s so great to me that I don’t even compare myself to him, like I’m trying to be Tupac. That’s not what it is. It’s just that my love for him, I really wanted to do the pictures justice.”

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One of the most obvious artists that was shaped by Shakur was Compton’s own Kendrick Lamar. On Kendrick’s album, “How to Pimp a Butterfly” he has a pseudo and, dare I say, creepy conversation with the late rapper Pac. For a millisecond I almost believed Pac returned just to speak to Kendrick. The audio was used from an old 1994 interview with the late rapper. Lamar asks questions about legacy and makes it clear that he’s an offspring of Tupac. Many people can admit to wishing Pac was alive today. I honestly believe there was so much conversation of his “second coming” or return because we just genuinely miss him.

“I’m a better person, poet, friend and father because of the lessons through your music” -The Game

Growing up in the hood, Elvis Presley wasn’t my voice. I listened to the artist that matched my surroundings. Tupac was that voice and clearly more than just a voice for a young black man like me. He was like a long distance mentor who I never met before, but I felt like we were friends for years. However, his music has reached more than just my hood. His music has reached many hoods, suburbs, and probably even places I’ve never heard of before. In 2009 the late rapper’s song “Changes” was put in rotation for the Vatican’s myspace playlist. Additionally, 2015 has been a crazy year for memes; among my favorite is the hashtag, “Pope barz”. Maybe the Tupac song was a precursor to one of the many viral trends of 2015. It truly seems like Tupac’s spread of impact reaches past the normal hip hop circles most rappers stay in. We’ll miss Pac forever and no we cant bring him back from the dead, but he’s alive and beaming through our current artists.

“Tupac. His attitude, energy and passion is inspiring: He accomplished more in 25 years than most other people do in a lifetime” – J.COLE