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[PREMIERE] Akinyemi – Flyaway

[PREMIERE] Akinyemi – Flyaway




@henneysee on the production.

mixed by NCTK
mastered by Rafael Moure

art by matt solari


“flyway” is Akinyemi’s proclamation for independence. This is him portraying that he just wants to “fly” away from his dependency on others and “break out of the nest.” And we can definitely see the break through with his experimentation and new-found singing that we have never before seen from Akinyemi. Coupled with a catchy hook and heavy-hitting lyrics, Akinyemi really hits home on this one. He utilizes a style of inflection within his verse that we haven’t seen before in his previous works. Definitely a sound we’re digging from him and hope to see more in the future. The constant analogy to birds throughout the song, coupled with the ambient-chill production can really make you believe you’re flying throughout this track. “heavy bass shooting from the ears of the SP. 404’s intact, the error not showing” is a direct shout-out to henneysee, the producer of “flyaway” as he’s known to produce directly into an SP404 and sports an SP404 during live performances. Overall, “flyaway” is a very feel-good track that brings a feeling of empowerment/the ability to take on your daily activities.

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