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Mixtape Monday | TwonDon – “Stay Golden”

Mixtape Monday | TwonDon – “Stay Golden”


Mixed/Mastered by Brandon “Plan B” Lee
Recorded at 1985 Studios
Artwork by @KoyoDesigns
Producers: Ico Beats, Evan Haynes, Dzo Beatz, ItsGoodBeats, Brandon Lee, Dreamlife Beats


If you have been following TBP by now you may have noticed that we have shared quite a few cuts from TwonDon. But we have yet to delve into what counts and that’s the body of work. Yes, that’s right it takes more than a hot track to yield a loyal fanbase. For Twon, it was an impressive visual from ‘Million Dollar Babies’ shot by VintageModern that first lead me pressing play on the ‘Stay Golden’ EP. Executive produced by Smoke DZA with no features Twon uses this EP to make the perfect first impression. In which he succeeded, leaving me to ask ok , what else can you do? It may be the rapid pace we consume music, but as the outro played I was already ready to hear more! … (That’s a good thing)


TwonDon doesn’t waste anytime getting personal , from the very first track, ‘Gloria’s Intro’ we hear Twon’s mother urging him to get up, get paid and help her out. What can easily be dismissed as the nagging mom figure we all have turns into something weighing heavy on Twon’s heart. “Mama’s feeling anguish, nigga my heart is painless. The mechanics of a single parent left apart of me damaged til I vanish I’ll be my mama’s keeper” It’s here in track 2 ‘Glory’ we see the real effect of Twon feeling the obligations of a son, and providing a life for his mom that she deserves. Not only that but the song touches on Twon’s demons and suicidal thoughts which appear more vividly in ‘Ghostwiter’. ‘Glory’ ends with the listener being assured that Twon is focused on changing the current situation not only for himself but his people as well. Only for track 3, ‘Ghostwiter’ to bring back the uncertainty as Twon revisits his internal struggle with depression and suicide. It’s after track 4 ‘All Thee Above’ we hear a Nas interlude that transitions the story from internal to external, a beautiful set up for ‘Million Dollar Babies’ a commentary of how society has failed us and lead a whole generation astray. As Nas says, ‘We’re lost, we have been lost”

It’s at this point in the EP where you know Twon could be special, there is a unique balance seen in ‘Million Dollar Babies’ of musicality meets pure lyrical ability. Why is this important? Because anyone can study the art of rap and master a technique or flow. But evoking emotion and feeling out the those BARS is key. Overall being able to feel music rather than hearing it has always been more valuable to me.

The last three tracks follow suit and focus on the persistence needed to overcome lows. Twon ends it by saying, ‘All I need is love just to balance out my lows” In essence the the very title of this project ‘Stay Golden’, comes to light. In the world we live in there is no other option. For anyone trying to make it there is no other option. It’s clear to see that TwonDon’s own positivity is responsible for the very music we get to enjoy. If Hip-Hop saved your life like it did mine and presumably Twon’s as well this something you need to hear.

Favorites Tracks:

“Million Dollar Babies”

“Stay Committed”



-Larissa Price