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Meet Russ: The Up-and-Coming Atlanta Artist

Meet Russ: The Up-and-Coming Atlanta Artist


Atlanta has long been known as a breeding ground for hip-hop artists. However, as of late, artists from the A have all begun to sound alike. Trinidad Jame$, Young Thug, 2 Chainz, Rich Homie Quan, Future, Migos, and iLoveMakonnen are just a few ATL rappers who, as of late, all seem to be making a very similar sound. While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, there has to be A-Town hip-hop artists that have a different sound, right? The answer is yes, and his name is Russ. Russ is an Atlanta rapper/singer/producer creating a lot of buzz lately. His area of expertise is almost the complete opposite of most Atlanta trap rappers, yet his production and melodic songs remain catchy and upbeat. As part of the DIEMON crew, Russ has released 11 albums with critical acclaim. While he may not be exactly a “backpack” rapper, what Russ lacks in lyricism and wordplay is made up in production skills and fantastic story-telling ability. As much as I’d love to explain Russ’ unique sound, I thought it’d be better to get an exclusive TeamBackPack interview with him so Russ could explain it himself. While you’re at it, play some of my favorite Russ songs here.

How did your interest in music start?

Started when I was mad young like 7 years old just listening to G Unit.

What are your future plans in this business?

Be the biggest most impactful artist ever in the world. Ever.

You’re a talented rapper/singer as well as an amazing producer, which do you prefer?

I think I just enjoy the whole package which is the song. Nothing more satisfying than making a song.

I understand that along with production and vocals, you handle many other parts of the musical process. What all do you do for your work; cover art, marketing, social media, etc.?

I use to get my artworks but now my boy Foda does it. But yea I handle my own PR and edit/shoot a lot of my own videos with Bugus.

Your sound is so different from other Atlanta hip hop artists, how have you created this unique sound and what/who have you drawn inspiration from?

I just do what I wanna hear. Atlanta just sounds like everyones copying each other.

If you could collab with 3 artists, DOA, who would make the list?

Nate Dogg. Drake. Kanye.

If you could tell future fans about the DIEMON movement, what would you say to them? AKA What does Russ believe in?

Self Belief is what I believe in. Follow your gut. Always.

You’ve been steadily dropping off some fire singles, but is there a project in the works as well?

Oh yea for sure.

Are you on tour currently, and what does the touring look like for the future?

Nah not on tour yet but I’m with Cara Lewis now so life is epic. Boutta go way up

Finally, what advice would you give artists looking to enter the industry, as it seems you have been very successful as of late?

Believe in yourself. Do YOU over and over and over again.

If you like what you see/hear, check out Russ on his social media cites:






Thanks for reading!

-Taylor Teets

  • Jonathan Baker

    This man is filthy

  • LT408

    11 albums though? I can only find 4 on itunes and 2 mixtapes online..

    • Lexi

      So, go onto YouTube.

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  • T mOney

    Every single this man released this year, 2016, is straight fuegoooo

  • Myleage

    Yall need to get on Push The Soloist. He’s a good homie of mine and he was in the latest music video for Russ

  • Deepika

    I like this music but he sounds like a poor interviewee

  • trini blount

    I don’t know what the fuck theses people are talking about but russ is epic and his music is fire. stop hating the man is talented, he deserve to make it to the top, his music sounds very quality.

  • Anastasia Acuay

    I Love Russ.
    a Lyrical Genius.
    I Dont really care about celebrities or artist never the less keep up with them.
    But Gah Damn Russ Took My Soul.
    lmao. This Mans’ Mentality is sexy af. I Vibe to him all day smoking a blunt when i get home from work. He wanted to be an impact? i Discovered his music during the Shitiest time of my life and his Words/tone/Emotions Feed that Motivation.
    I Fuck With Russ. and He dont even know it yet ROFL.