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[LISTEN] Radamiz – Writeous

[LISTEN] Radamiz – Writeous


The wait is finally over! One of the most anticipated albums in New York Hip-Hop  has finally dropped. Radamiz has been working on this project for quite sometime and finally it’s here. In the very first track you will understand that this was worth the wait. More importantly we see that true emotion and thought was poured into every track. This is not just another mixtape, this is an important mark in a man’s life and musical journey. On ‘God Talks To Me A Lot’ we immediately hear a soundbite of Lauryn Hill explaining it is more important to be righteous than it is to be right. This concept is a way of thinking that Radamiz is known for. And shapes his humble but confident energy. In addition Mogul Club member Madwiz, is featured on this track with a beautifully constructed verse that sets us up for what’s to come.

The second track ‘Sumner’ reminds us that this is pure Brooklyn, this is a product of New York.

It’s after ‘Sumner’ that we see the album move seamless through poweR, Paytience, and  New York Don’t Love Me, what I would describe as a trio poetic grooves. And then here comes ‘1 Crown’ a lightening jolt of raw New York Hip-Hop featuring an impressive group of underground heavyweights, I.O.D, Kidaf, Oswin Benjamin, & Latasha Alcindor.

Radamiz told Earmilk, ” “1 CROWN” is a snap shot in time for the New York Hip Hop scene. It’s everybody that has influenced my career in one way or another coming together and ripping shit together. It’s about proving your excellence. I hoped that every feature on the song killed me, because that’s how you show me respect on a record. As long as we all play our part correctly, this song is will legendary in the future more than it is now. I can’t wait to look back on this song. Everyone put on”

We have no doubt that ‘1 Crown’ is pure gold. You may remember when he performed the unfinished version for teambackpack at LiveArtNY:

‘Am I Black Too’ and ‘Maintaining’ are stand out tracks as well, as Radamiz continues to bring out the culture with amazing features from Chris Wattz, Kye Russoul, & Oxytocin and Mogul Club member King Critical. One thing is for sure, do not ignore the Outro. If somehow you get to the end of this project and still aren’t sure what you should be taking away from this, play the Outro. Writeous (The Outro) is sonically stunning with vivid contrast of gritty lyrics. Dare I say it reminds me of  Kanye West (an idol of mine) .

If you ever wanted to be who you think you are, if you ever had to follow a dream, if ever wanted to reach for something that seemed so unattainable this is your soundtrack. Perhaps even the music you need to reach the unreachable. I can personally attest to Radamiz motivating me to be better, and to be thankful.

So stream the album, share and let us know what you think in the comment section!

Favorites: God Talks To Me A Lot , poweR, 1 Crown, Am I Black Too, Writeous (Outro)

-Larissa Price

Painting by RIP Josama
Cover art designed by Keyona Simone
All tracks excluding #7 engineered & mixed by Chris Conway of No Mystery Studios
Track #7 engineered & mixed by Aaron Bastinelli of Converse Rubber Tracks
Executive Produced by Francisco Felix
Dedicated to God and my family.