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[LISTEN] Keysha Freshh – In Samadhi

[LISTEN] Keysha Freshh – In Samadhi



Keysha Freshh just dropped her 6th studio project, “In Samadhi”, which is a compilation of love tracks, enlightenment, the culture, weed smoking vibes plus more. Her last LP differs from this one, as “Vanity” had the concept of the things she would speak on if she was a vain person.

“In Samadhi” is a mellow, self-realization of a turning point Keysha has had in her life. She tells her story perfectly with the ways she was feeling at the time and it gives the listener a glimpse into her own perceptions.

Keysha’s known old-school hip-hop vibes are on point in this LP, with the scratchin’, DJ Luv Bug, and the jazzy, funky production. She pays homage to real OGs, while making the youngins listening appreciate the hip-hop culture. “In Samadhi”, is known as meditative consciousness, and this LP is a perfect example of Keysha’s ultimate level of creativity and being at peace with her creation. It represents a big turning point in her life and being at ultimate peace.

Overall, this LP isn’t a project you want to miss out on listening to, as it has so many aspects to it that make it so individually creative yet adds to the culture of hip-hop so well.