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[LISTEN] Danny Delavie Drops A TOP 40 HIT “LANES”


We have been on the Danny Delavie wave for a while, and after this we are expecting a lot more people to hop on. Ultimately Danny Delavie is a master songwriter. The single “Lanes” conceptualizes relationships where time is precious and comprises are never made, hindering opportunities for intimacy.  His music reflects his personal life leading him to create “Lanes” which delves into the downfalls of a modern relationship while touching upon topics that enable others to relate.

The new single is Delavie’s foray into collaboration, bridging genres with sultry vocals by DAZED, a dream-pop, indie band. Drawing influences from bands like Linkin Park, Delavie was inspired to challenge common labels of genre, not allowing limitations on his sound. It also marks Delavie’s growth and exploration in his music.

From hip-hop to pop and then a crazy left turn to alternative rock, Danny can do it all. “LANES” is the perfect song to get stuck in your head this summer and really ought to be on the airwaves! Many times in the rap game ‘Top 40’ has a negative connotation, but good music is good music regardless of the label you out on it.  I know I will be blasting this in car for weeks to come. Like what you hear? See Danny live at Baby’s All Right at the album release party!

You can stream ‘Lanes” HERE!
About Danny
Danny Delavie is a 22 year-old emerging underground alternative/hip-hop artist hailing from Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. Only breaking into the music scene at 18, he’s proven to have great potential in his accomplishments thus far, performing at Webster Hall, booking an international tour in New Zealand, and recently completing his second EP, High Tide, set to release on April 14, 2017