Home Music Albums/Mixtapes [LISTEN] 23rdNation – FearThe23rd EP
[LISTEN] 23rdNation – FearThe23rd EP

[LISTEN] 23rdNation – FearThe23rd EP


For years, it seemed like the art of the rap group was dying in Hip Hop. But now a group like 23rdNation, has forced us to take a step back and reconsider. Could 23rdNation be the beginning of new age rap groups. And we mean a real group not a collective… there’s a big difference.

23rdNation, with blends of Lil Wayne, Wu Tang, Outkast, and millennial fire power, delivers a breathtaking body of work on Fear The 23rd. Therefore 23rdNation offers diversity in style and sound from track to track, trust us no song sounds the same. Let us know which track is your favorite!

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