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The HuSTLe: Danté Wolfe, Chris Grindz & Less

The HuSTLe: Danté Wolfe, Chris Grindz & Less


The three St. Louis hip-hop artists we highlight this week on The HuSTLe are Danté Wolfe, Chris Grindz & Less.

Danté Wolfe

TBP favorite Dante Wolfe is a vivid storyteller that does an excellent job painting a mental picture for the listener. An EP, a mixtape, and 2 LPs deep, Wolfe’s artistry continues to grow as he strengthens his footing. Riverfront Times states he is one of ten St. Louis artists poised to be have a breakout year in 2017. Wolfe also serves as a member of the St. Louis collective M.M.E. Watch his video to “Temp Tagsbelow.  

Chris Grindz

More than just an emcee, Chris Grindz has proven himself to be a multi-talented indivudual that is a gifted artist. An avid skateboarder, former lead singer & keyboardist of a rock band, Grindz picked up rapping in 2012. His feature on Midwestside with Darren Jackson & his song “The Struggle” are some his earliest work that laid the foundation for his music today. With two projects under his belt, S.Y.A.D & Danger Room EP, Grindz is looking to release his full-length debut project, “B.Y.E. (Be Yourself Everywhere) sometime in the 3rd quarter of the year. Watch his video “Father” below.


Less, the self ascribed #IllestCrackaInSTL, has been able to connect with hip-hop listeners through his music. Releasing The Soul Era Is Coming EP in 2015, Less grows his fanbase with the various collaborations and singles he releases. He is most notable work his collaborations with Louis Quatorze for his remixes to Drill Time & Sailor Moon. He is currently working on new music with Rallo & Lil STL. Watch his video “All Gas No Breaks” below.