Flo Kennedy Lays Her ‘He(art)’ On The Line With The Release Of Her Debut EP

Flo Kennedy Lays Her ‘He(art)’ On The Line With The Release Of Her Debut EP

Flo Kennedy Lays Her ‘He(art)’ On The Line With The Release Of Her Debut EP




It’s hard to know where to start when speaking about Flo Kennedy, I personally just have to go with how I feel because a traditional ‘review’ of sorts isn’t going to work. Every time I find myself in the same room with her, Flo’s radiants with warmth and passion. Her laugh echoes and inevitably reaches you, I’ve coughed out a giggle or two even on my most glum of days. On the flip side the second she touches the mic Flo commands a room with aggressive and passionate energy. You can’t look away, in fact your scared to, that is how powerful and serious her words can be. If you have spent any time around Flo, then you know she wears a cap that reads, “The Artist Is Dead” , a tragic irony as she herself is the walking definition of a true artist.


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If you first came upon Flo Kennedy through TBP then you may recognize her from LAX2JFK or her most recent appearance at Mission Underground 2016. In fact we have been pretty vocal about our over whelming admiration and respect for Flo. So it’s fair to say we were the most excited to see here first EP.

The He(art) EP starts with an intro ‘The Outsider”, it immediately sweeps over my consciousness while Flo manages to wrap me delicately in the bass of her voice while the beat gently ushers me into her reality. It’s at this very moment where I realize the outsider has let me in and a interesting role reversal takes place. Flo delivers this track with such ease and finesse, it’s the prefect introduction to whats to come. By the end you know everything you need to properly continue, Flo makes it clear she won’t abide to the barriers or vices that surround her, saying, ‘it’s unattractive when niggas call me a female rapper’ while later admitting, ‘my chalice filled with Hennessy and lies’.


She follows with a track that has gained popularity since the single released months ago. ‘Panorama’ is raw, honest and unapologetic. It’s here we see Flo’s aggressive energy come forth. She will out rap you, out smart you and all you can do is take it. She tackles ignorance of her peers, while delivering a warning to any prospective challengers. My favorite line is the song, “I peep the contradictions from everyone’s conscious writtens’ .

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It officially takes a dark once we get to ‘C.R.E.A.M’ , Cash Ruins Everything Around Me. A self- explanatory message about the evil of necessity. Flo describes a frustration in a lack of control over where money really goes in our country. Moving from internal to external the Wu Tang theme continues through ‘Uptown Vernacular’. If we were watching a movie this is the first shot where we leave the house only to navigate the gritty streets of Uptown. With features from Leek and Laze E. Nell is easily morphs into the crew anthem.

From here the project moves seamlessly with a majestic essence that takes us all the way to the last record ‘The Vent’. An intimate conclusion that scribes Flo’s internal struggle. If you’re as emotional as I am you’ll be tearing up by now, if not at the very least it serves as affirmation that we have keep going even if it’s against the current.  ‘Just keep floating, God floating in you’  – ‘Ventilation was the key to the heart’


-Larissa Price
The He(art) paints the story of an artist who feels emotionally boxed in. The artist finds herself being pulled down by outside toxins such as, the vices of alcoholism and being put into a bracket as a “female rapper”. Ironically, she also finds herself lifted by love, friendships, blessings and music. The moral of the story is: shall one free their vulnerabilities or continue to cage them in? Teaming up with her longtime producer Don Solo and other new producers, Flo takes you on an eerie journey through sound and lyrics.
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