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Verse of The Year | Top 20

LYRICS  Far as this rap shit goes I am in need of no co-sign See, I’ve been holding my own fine Since 09 Just from creativity, so If you try to control mine You get close lined I’d rather choke, dangling from a rope With a broke spine Then end up selling my soul There […]
LYRICS I used to be broke as fuck, whipping a Honda Accord with 2 spinners/ Dick stayed between your bitch’s dress, no Bruce Jenner/ Igniting crack pipes with flames from butane/ Bitches used to play me to the left, said I was ‘too strange’/ Now I’m getting head from Cali hoes and smoking new strains/ […]
LYRICS We the dudes who rap in cyphers The dudes who pack the knives are The ones who usually act the nicest So use that as advice You fall in the loser bracket if you yap out Your shoes and jacket prices Gave my life, these ain’t verses they’re more like human sacrifices Say no more, […]
LYRICS Yo, Here we go again with the poppin’ off Anything hurts, now walk it off They just wanna talk all nonchalant Better spit that verse with confidence Team Backpack my Confidence Also live no “off and on” And I hustle like there’s no tomorrow A thin red line we walkin’ on I solider up, […]
LYRICS Most rappers think that they’ve got a shot at reaching the top But they’ll be omitted from history like the Book of Enoch I’ma fiend watch I scheme scheme and plot plot I was raised watching blood dry during hopscotch I wonder will the world remember me A child who rejected recruitment officers that […]
Voting for the top 20 verses of 2015 started November 1st and ended November 30th. We had over 20 thousand unique voters from all over the world. We have compiled the Top 20 voted cypher verses for you and will be releasing the list over the next 20 days. Jeff Turner’s verse from the first […]