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Verse of The Year | Top 20

LYRICS Who would’ve thought this young Brooklyn brat Carolina fad, knuckle head Would get ahead in life Boy, my name good in every hood Like fried chicken that’s been breaded twice Lucky bastard You would think this nigga happened Shooting craps with loaded dice I know the shit I’m saying is grizzly But bear with […]
LYRICS Falling angels Waiting on God to save you No self-worth When you talk the labels They won’t compensate you Watch them pass Like a hot potato Time is money You point appraisal to waste mine The cost is fatal Rugars pop The music stops Dodge illuminati moving Cuban Sipping juice on the roof with […]
LYRICS Yuh… LA y’all ready?! Okay Huh I see you nigga’s green, night goggles/ I’m a activist, I belong in a Sprite bottle/ I write novels, the last testament/ Thou said to Prynce, “you won’t find these verses in Christ’s Bible”/ My pistol ain’t got no body like a white model/ I don’t listen to […]
LYRICS Team Backpack, What’s up?! Yaowa I wrote this last night in my bed/ Cause they’ve been sleeping on me people said/ Funny cause I could do this standing on my head/ I can’t stand y’all like 2 bad prosthetic legs/ Something like an OG, just a newer version of the old me/ Hungrier than […]