In the most profound match up yet Denzil Porter and Illmaculate go head to head in this heated episode of Bar Fight! Chase Moore provides some beautiful production for each round of this episode. While both MC’s are known for impeccable wordplay the two couldn’t be more different. Denzil Porter a young up and coming […]
Token and Emoney duke it out on their first official BAR FIGHT, which was filmed live at Mission Underground New York. This display of pure BARS pours over two incredible beats, round one produced by Jimmy Dukes of $FTA (Sounds From The Attik) and round 2 produced by AC3 Beats! Enjoy watching, please share, and let […]
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In this episode B-Doe addresses the crisis of the ‘fragile rapper’ and urges MC’s to make use of their BARS! ——- Follow B-Doe https://www.facebook.com/thatshowitbdoe/ https://twitter.com/thatshowitbdoe https://www.instagram.com/thatshowitb… www.teambackpack.net https://www.facebook.com/teambackpack/ https://twitter.com/teambackpack https://www.instagram.com/teambackpack/ (1743)
TeamBackpack traveled to BRAMPTON, Ontario for this new version of TBP CANADA. Listen to this Brampton Cypher as these Brampton natives give you those BARS that you have come to love and respect from MOVEMENT. Make sure to listen, like, share and check out each of these artists. Much love to 40oz heroes and Post […]
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