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  WHY TUPAC IS STILL ALIVE TODAY Written By: Brandon Thomas   We Still See Tupac Many people far and wide have made claims of spotting the Legend Tupac Shakur in multiple places. There have been photos of him in random clubs, award shows, and even walking amongst people at random events. One of my favorite conspiracy stories is […]
This is a private beat tape in which all instrumentals are available for lease for TeamBackPack #MUNY2016 Audition participants and by request only for other artist iLL Brown Presents… iLLstrumentals #MUNY2016 Edition by iLL Brown of Tru Colors Beats ALL LEASES $100 IN ORDER TO PURCHASE YOU MUST EMAIL…. [email protected] WITH YOUR SELECTIONS. A PAYPAL […]
De La Soul’s And The Anonymous Nobody drop August 26th! 1.          Genesis (intro) feat. Jill Scott 1:38 2.          Royalty Capes 3:50 3.          Pain feat. Snoop Dogg 4:44 4.          Property Of Spitkicker (feat. Roc Marciano) 5:27 5.          Memory Of… (Us) (feat. Estelle & Pete Rock) 5:09 6.          CBGBS 1:22 7.          Lord Intended (feat. Justin Hawkins) 7:17 […]
If you haven’t heard already ‘HuffPost Black Voices’ has taken on the task of bringing the people live unedited dope freestyle sessions every Friday. Not only that but they even include acapellas and performances as well! Just follow them on Facebook and tune in on the page to watch live BARS from the best up […]
WRITTEN BY CASSIDY KAKIN  Here’s the thing: Kendrick Lamar is better than Drake. In the critical world at least, I would say that’s (almost) universally agreed upon. Even that played out washed up hack list from Billboard with Kendrick as a G.O.A.T. contender proved one important thing; in mainstream music criticism even, and not in […]
Written by: LITESKIN   The brain is very much like a muscle. If not worked out efficiently, it will lose its structural make ­up and deteriorate. If not on a proper diet, it can lose its density and wither away. So it should come to no shock when someone says, “our enemies will take us […]
Kanye West released his debut album, The College Dropout on this day 12 years ago. It happens to be Certified triple platinum in the United States alone, and has inspired millions across the world. One could even argue that his loyal following has stuck by him so long because of this one piece of work. 12 […]