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WRITTEN BY CASSIDY KAKIN  Here’s the thing: Kendrick Lamar is better than Drake. In the critical world at least, I would say that’s (almost) universally agreed upon. Even that played out washed up hack list from Billboard with Kendrick as a G.O.A.T. contender proved one important thing; in mainstream music criticism even, and not in […]
Written by: LITESKIN   The brain is very much like a muscle. If not worked out efficiently, it will lose its structural make ­up and deteriorate. If not on a proper diet, it can lose its density and wither away. So it should come to no shock when someone says, “our enemies will take us […]
WRITTEN BY CASSIDY KAKIN  How many of my old-head readers have been hip-hop nerds for long enough to remember the brilliant and glorious rise and fall of the once ubiquitous hip-hop internet forum? And that vile and enlightening landscape’s chief antagonist and bottom feeding cultural vampire, who none of us can forget and most of […]
WRITTEN BY CASSIDY KAKIN  My white privilege is a window. I say this as an “outsider,” who cares deeply; I think about privilege as a defining characteristic of who I am, despite my poverty, and because of my whiteness. It’s important, if you really care about hip-hop and really want to contribute positively to the […]
There are NOT too many rappers in the world; as long as you treat your craft like an art, there is always room in the culture for another artistic voice.  But for the underground grinder looking for a way to get noticed, it can too often feel like there are already too many voices shouting […]
Erykah Badu’s quintessential debut album dropped in 1997.  But listen: if you think that the Queen of Neo-Soul doesn’t have just as much of a place in the twenty first century hip-hop landscape as a Locksmith or Kendrick Lamar, you are dead wrong.  The Badu will never die; neither will hip-hop, if we push the […]