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WRITTEN BY CASSIDY KAKIN  How many of my old-head readers have been hip-hop nerds for long enough to remember the brilliant and glorious rise and fall of the once ubiquitous hip-hop internet forum? And that vile and enlightening landscape’s chief antagonist and bottom feeding cultural vampire, who none of us can forget and most of […]
WRITTEN BY CASSIDY KAKIN  My white privilege is a window. I say this as an “outsider,” who cares deeply; I think about privilege as a defining characteristic of who I am, despite my poverty, and because of my whiteness. It’s important, if you really care about hip-hop and really want to contribute positively to the […]
There are NOT too many rappers in the world; as long as you treat your craft like an art, there is always room in the culture for another artistic voice.  But for the underground grinder looking for a way to get noticed, it can too often feel like there are already too many voices shouting […]
Erykah Badu’s quintessential debut album dropped in 1997.  But listen: if you think that the Queen of Neo-Soul doesn’t have just as much of a place in the twenty first century hip-hop landscape as a Locksmith or Kendrick Lamar, you are dead wrong.  The Badu will never die; neither will hip-hop, if we push the […]
Here’s the thing.  I say this with 100% sincerity, and a decent bit of knowledge on the subject.  Underground hip-hop, right now, is literally lit.  This world is on fire; this hip-hop thing might all turn out for the best after all.  And there’s no better representation of that than the first drop from LAX–>JFK. […]
Yo who is still sleeping on these fire mixes?  Get it?  “Sleeping?”  This is a post about insomnia, kids.  That’s some medium grade, half hearted double entendre for all of you rap nerds.  If you need something to listen to late at night while thinking of such amusing oddities, may I suggest TeamBackPack radio? The […]
WRITTEN BY CASSIDY KAKIN  Can you sum up 2015 hip-hop in two words?  I can, with a little help from my favorite Miami based, Kansas City associated, eclectically instrumental hip-hop collaboration. From the jump, 2015 hip-hop was defined by an odd and beautiful conglomeration of two forces that, on the surface, appear paradoxical.  Landmark projects […]
  PEARL GATES: The Gate Keeper Of HipHop By: LITESKIN Nowadays, it’s hard to find true lyricism in the midst of all the carbon copying of carbon copies. It’s almost as hard as finding the mythical Big Foot, in this modern dilution of our HipHop culture. So many are following formats that have been laid down by […]