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The three St. Louis hip-hop artists we highlight this week on The HuSTLe are Danté Wolfe, Chris Grindz & Less. Danté Wolfe TBP favorite Dante Wolfe is a vivid storyteller that does an excellent job painting a mental picture for the listener. An EP, a mixtape, and 2 LPs deep, Wolfe’s artistry continues to grow […]
This week on The HuSTLe, we focus our attention on three gifted St. Louis hip-hop artists that have released countless projects. This week we sit through the music of Ackurate, Supreme Sol & Bo Dean. Ackurate New York born, St. Louis based hip-hop artist Ackurate is no stranger to the TeamBackPack platform. Released in 2015, Soul Misfit showcases his […]
In the second edition of The HuSTLe, we highlight three vastly different artists that provide a St. Louis hip-hop flavor that only they provide. This week we explore the music of Riley B, Arshad Goods & Bates. Arshad Goods Preparing to release the follow up to his debut project, Black Sunday, Arshad Goods has all eyes on […]
Welcome to The HuSTLe, a weekly column that highlights three rising hip-hop artists from St. Louis, Missouri. Culturally speaking, St. Louis is a melting pot due to the high number of transplants that come from around the country and the world. The St. Louis hip-hop scene is no different as the blended sounds and styles from […]
WRITTEN BY CASSIDY KAKIN  Art and Depression I’m sitting in a puddle of sweat on a sofa that Craigslist rejected. I’m in my apartment near the beach, it’s summer, the sun is out, my air conditioning is broken, I’ve just drunken a twelve pack of cans and smoked too much and eaten too much Jack […]
WRITTEN BY CASSIDY KAKIN H2FLOW – Hip-hop with a powerful message isn’t a new idea.  Hell, you can keep your Lil what-nots and  mumbled hooks; if the bars don’t have meaning, it ain’t hip-hop in my eyes and ain’t pushing the movement forward.  This culture has always contained a “conscious” element intent on bringing the […]
WRITTEN BY: BRANDON THOMAS ———————————————– Early beginnings I’ve listened to hip hop since I was in elementary school and I have seen firsthand how music changed my thinking and even my worldview. When you’re part of the culture of hip hop you get introduced to everything that comes with it. MC’ing was my favorite, but […]
WRITTEN BY: MARC MAXIS “Biting” is a very disrespectful word in Hip-Hop or at least it was. When you tell someone they’re biting, you’re insinuating that,that person doesn’t have enough creativity to come up with their own style.Certain artists take offense to that, Like anyone would. In regards to creating art…. Read More
  WHY TUPAC IS STILL ALIVE TODAY Written By: Brandon Thomas   We Still See Tupac Many people far and wide have made claims of spotting the Legend Tupac Shakur in multiple places. There have been photos of him in random clubs, award shows, and even walking amongst people at random events. One of my favorite conspiracy stories is […]