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Toxsikk literally steals candy from a baby in his new visuals for, “Don’t Quit”. The 1st Single off of the upcoming mixtape “The SikkHouse” Written by Toxsikk Produced by Lexi Banks Shot & Edited by Shakyamuni Films (11)
LOOPRAT nods their cap to classic hip-hop in their soulful track, ‘Live and Learn.’ The lyrics reminisce on past travels and ways to move forward though a society submerged in shallow trends. ‘Live and Learn’ is a timeless expression of how lessons in the moment will surely come back around. (9)
After taking TBP on the road to St. Louis, we found that there is no doubt that The Domino Effect was a major stand out in the up-and-coming city. The Hip-Hop duo just released band new visuals for their hit single ‘Impala 16’! Check it out and let us know what you think in the […]
Now this is something we can relate to. The track is an homage to the rolling material Fronto leaf, which is sold in consumed mostly in MADWIZ’s hometown of Brooklyn, NY. The repeating chorus of “I gots to have it” speaks to the fact that some of us refuse to roll or smoke spliffs without […]
J. Plaza shows another side of himself in his new track, “Ashes” . Plaza gets personal recounting a loss, childhood and the depression that follows. However, leaves the listener with faith that he won’t crack under pressure. Although the past is dark, his future couldn’t be brighter! —————————————— (277)
TruthCity finishes off the year with a personal poem to all fellow creatives to not lose themselves in this ever changing industry. Hear the inspiring message above Follow TruthCity: http://www.mrtruthcity.com http://www.facebook.com/mrtruthcity http://www.twitter.com/mrtruthcity http://www.soundcloud.com/mrtruthcity http://www.instagram.com/mrtruthcity (262)
Wow, this is our first time hearing from the St. Louis native, JSMN and we immediately wanted to hear more! This unmistakable TLC vibe in ‘Payphone’ left us super nostalgic. ————————————————————- https://soundcloud.com/jsmn https://twitter.com/jsmnszn https://www.instagram.com/jsmnszn/ https://twitter.com/PaulMidzy https://www.instagram.com/pmidzy/ (1065)
Con motivo de la participación el pasado año de M.Padrón en el festival de Brooklyn “MUNY” organizado por la plataforma TeamBackPack USA, sale a la luz “New York”. Todo surgió de manera improvisada, lo que iba a ser un tema en solitario de M.Padrón acabó siendo una colaboración entre varios mcs de diferentes lugares pero […]
The Las Vegas rap BEAST, X ( aka itsXmusic ) dropped his first track of the year, entitled “Beast”. A you can hear, X is HUNGRY. Since his latest EP, Momentum, dropped late last summer, X has been relatively quiet on the scene. Rumor has it he will be dropping new songs EVERY Sunday, as […]