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[LISTEN] Madwiz – Fronto (Prod. by TKYO TIM)

Now this is something we can relate to. The track is an homage to the rolling material Fronto leaf, which is sold in consumed mostly in MADWIZ’s hometown of Brooklyn, NY. The repeating chorus of “I gots to have it” speaks to the fact that some of us refuse to roll or smoke spliffs without […]

[LISTEN] J. Plaza – ASHES (Prod.Young Taylor)

J. Plaza shows another side of himself in his new track, “Ashes” . Plaza gets personal recounting a loss, childhood and the depression that follows. However, leaves the listener with faith that he won’t crack under pressure. Although the past is dark, his future couldn’t be brighter! —————————————— (261)

[WATCH] TruthCity – Music Religion

TruthCity finishes off the year with a personal poem to all fellow creatives to not lose themselves in this ever changing industry. Hear the inspiring message above Follow TruthCity: http://www.mrtruthcity.com http://www.facebook.com/mrtruthcity http://www.twitter.com/mrtruthcity http://www.soundcloud.com/mrtruthcity http://www.instagram.com/mrtruthcity (235)

[WATCH] JSMN – PAYPHONE (Dir. Paul Midzy)

Wow, this is our first time hearing from the St. Louis native, JSMN and we immediately wanted to hear more! This unmistakable TLC vibe in ‘Payphone’ left us super nostalgic. ————————————————————- https://soundcloud.com/jsmn https://twitter.com/jsmnszn https://www.instagram.com/jsmnszn/ https://twitter.com/PaulMidzy https://www.instagram.com/pmidzy/ (1023)

[WATCH] Dot Demo – Plugged

Dot Demo couldn’t wait any longer to release the visuals for his single, ‘Plugged’. Spoiler alert he is indeed the plug. (352)

Don Mykel And 23rd Nation Throw An EPIC HOUSE PARTY

You may be used to seeing Don Mykel on the cypher stage, but in ‘No Tocar’ the Harlem MC gets all the way turnt with his Hip-Hop collective 23rd Nation. Let us know what you think in the comments below! “FearThe23rd” EP coming soon soundcloud.com/23rdnation IG: @23rdnation Twitter: @_23rdnation Facebook.com/23rdNation (147)

[PREMIERE] LOOPRAT – We (Live from the Vanguard)

LOOPRAT’s ‘We’ digs into their funk roots while the group’s four Emcees vocalize the political stakes at hand in their home city. The ten-piece group has members on both of the ‘Delmar Divide,’ a St. Louis boulevard infamous as a marker of socioeconomic disparity between neighborhoods north and south of the street. The pairing of […]

[LISTEN] Mad Squablz – My Soul’s Reparations

Mad Squablz wastes no time getting back to business since his last release, in fact this kid is a machine the way he has been releasing new music lately. In this track, he exhibits fury lyrically in a plea for reparations for the harm his soul has endured. Over the last year Squablz has grown […]

[LISTEN] Dot Demo – ‘100’

It’s only the first of 2017 and Dot Demo is already prepared with new music. Excuse me, not just new music, PURE HEAT! If this is any indication of what’s to come, MC’s better keep watch. Dot’s most recent project “O.B.E (Outer Body Experience)” landed his in the top 10 albums of 2016 for TBP. (488)

[PREMIERE] Anthony Lucius – Bridge

Anthony Lucius is back with brand new visuals! Known for telling a story with his art, Anthony offers up some of his best work. In fact you can check out an exclusive inside look into the making of ‘Bridge”. Earlier today Anthony took the time to live stream with TBP  to talk directly to fans […]