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In celebration of Black History Month, OSHUN invited young Black Men to be part of the official “Gods” cypher in New York City. Special thanks to everyone who came out, to YouTube Space for housing the event, & Team Backpack for helping us make this happen!

[PREMIERE] G.L.A.M. – Mistletoe

I would never want to belong to any club that would have someone like me as a member While the essence of this quote is normally used to demonstrate a self loathing, for me it actually brings to mind the inherent struggle that is finding your place in the industry or rather the fear of […]

[WATCH] Clairmont The Second – 44 Me (Official Video)

The 19 year old Clairmont The Second is still on the grind, with new visuals ’44 Me’. It is just a reminder amidst the distraction that the Toronto native is up next and we’re waiting for his name to be called. Not familiar? Check out his most recent project, “Quest For Milk and Honey” Adopting […]

[WATCH] Najii Person – Not Around (Official Music Video)

Self-producing his own track “Not Around”, artist Najii Person brings a bevy of intricate flows to energize his wordplay on those no longer with him — both the fallen and others turned fake. In the spirit of that concept, video artist Louis Quatorze tells the nearly forgotten history of Mound City, the largest Native American settlement in the United […]

[WATCH] NOWDAZE – Detonate (Official Music Video)

BUY on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/dre… From NOWDAZE album “Dream Big Hustle Hard vol.2” NOWDAZE (Formerly Irv Da PHENOM!) https://www.facebook.com/NOWDAZE http://Twitter.com/NOWDAZE http://instagram.com/NOWDAZE913 http://Soundcloud.com/NOWDAZE Directed by NOWDAZE Filmed by Celestial Films Wardrobe & set: Ari Fish Studios

[WATCH] StoneSessions Episode 2 – Circles

All you need to know is this is amazing. please watch and enjoy! Stone Sessions Description: BlaqueStone gathers inside a studio of choice with artist and musicians. We then create within a time frame of 2-4 hours max! Artist: BlaqueStone (Nyne & Queen) Artist: Cramer Artist: Thierraw Poet:Neptune Guitar- Taylor Gamble Bass: Desean Davis Drummer: […]

[LISTEN] TONY K – Circa ’96

“My mind state 2Pac Circa ’96” Tony K sings on the hook of his latest single, the song as explained by Tony K puts him in the mind state that rapper Tupac Shakur was in during his most controversial year, 1996. “During that year Pac released hit em up which is to me one of […]

[WATCH] BUB STYLES – BOTTOM 6 (prod. Ace Fayce)

Bub Styles does not disappoint with one of his best creative displays yet! Following up on the recent release of his sophomore effort “Long Nights, Cold Winters,” Brooklyn’s Bub Styles releases the music video for the dark project’s menacing second single “Bottom 6.” In keeping with the Ace Fayce-produced single’s overall ominous aesthetic, the noir […]

[WATCH] Mad Squablz- Humble Remix (Official Video)

WELL DAMN…. ‘Y’all know I gotta keep my foot on the gas!! Here’s a new visual for my recently released Remix to Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” Be sure to comment, like, and share to all your friends and family’ -MS Video Shot By: Make Wonders Productions Directed by: Don Henry aka Joe Jack Song Link: https://soundcloud.com/mad-squablz/hu…

[WATCH] J. Plaza – “knO sO” (Official Music Video)

J. Plaza continues to prove that he is ready for a major come up! Music prod by Major G with a sample from Allan Kingdoms song “Blast” Engineered by Andrew Thomas https://soundcloud.com/iamjplaza/knoso