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Art and Depression in Generation: Xany Zombie

WRITTEN BY CASSIDY KAKIN  Art and Depression I’m sitting in a puddle of sweat on a sofa that Craigslist rejected. I’m in my apartment near the beach, it’s summer, the sun is out, my air conditioning is broken, I’ve just drunken a twelve pack of cans and smoked too much and eaten too much Jack […]

Hip-Hop Philanthropy, Activism, and H2FLOW

WRITTEN BY CASSIDY KAKIN H2FLOW – Hip-hop with a powerful message isn’t a new idea.  Hell, you can keep your Lil what-nots and  mumbled hooks; if the bars don’t have meaning, it ain’t hip-hop in my eyes and ain’t pushing the movement forward.  This culture has always contained a “conscious” element intent on bringing the […]

#LFTU Reviews| Don Green, “Grind Season EP”

Imagine an underground hip-hop utopia where every artist took their time with every release.  Every rapper crafted complete and sonically explorative songs, and tightly knit each and every bar with a purpose.  Imagine the elevation of craft, the impact on culture, the power of music birthed as art and not spewed into the blogosphere as […]

TMR & Lex Leosis – What’s Beef 2 (Prod. Menice Beatz)

The Marine Rapper shouldn’t be a new name to any TeamBackFans out there: TMR has been hosting The Rap Hack since day one and has dropped some of the best interviews in underground hip-hop over the past year.  But when he steps to the mic to spit alongside recent Cypher Alumni and long time collab […]

#LFTU Episode 2 Ft. UniSin (Gio Martin and Naim fka Tha DefinishiN)

WRITTEN BY CASSIDY KAKIN What’s more hip-hop than a tight duo act?  From Meth and Red stepping outside of their legendary crew, to Talib Kweli and Mos Def changing the trajectory of the culture forever with “Black Star,” to contemporary yin and yang pair dynamics like Ces Cru feeding off of each other’s energy and […]

“Femcee” and the Paradox of Gender Empowerment in Hip-hop

WRITTEN BY CASSIDY KAKIN This is far from the first time I have thought about or written about these ideas.  The term “Femcee” has been bouncing around my head for a decade or more, since I first realized that every dope track with a “girl” on it that I loved had a lady on the […]

#LFTU Premier | Zoetic Minds – My True Love (Innocence)

TeamBackPack and “Live from the Underground” fans have probably heard the name Zoetic Minds before.  The boom-bap influenced hyper lyrical duo out of San Jose, California, was the first guest ever on the throwback TeamBackPack interview podcast, and their first album Zoetic Minds delivered an old school feel in a big way.  Now, Ziggid is back […]

#MixtapeMonday | History – The Sun of Rocafella

There aren’t many traditions in hip-hop as powerful or storied as the Rocafella name.  From Jay-z’s legendary legacy, to the current studio headquarters of the (arguably) most hip-hop major broadcast T.V. network, to the New York City lineage that still glorifies John D.’s vaguely immoral but truly impactful hustle and grind, the R.O.C. will always […]

My Hip-hop Odyssey, So Far | #LFTU

I was born to two whiter than white parents in one of the whitest states in our fair union; Montana, “Big Sky Country,” the last true wilderness in the Continental United States, probably.  To many, that simple fact would disqualify me from telling a true or real “hip-hop story.”  But fuck that: this is me. […]

Streetlight – 6PM in Detroit

Fresh off of his most recent TeamBackPack Cypher, recent Red Empire signee Streetlight drops some hot bars that would put Drake to shame.  How many TeamBackPack heavy hitters can you catch Streetlight referencing in this track?  Stay tuned for a flood of new music from one of L.A.’s polished veterans, and peep Street’s latest below. […]