World Underground is an annual festival series that represents the changing tides in music, art and culture. Developed by TeamBackpack, World Underground showcases the best hip-hop artists of every era, effectively producing engaging live shows while utilizing new online, video and VR technologies to bring the experience to millions more around the world.

On June 2nd to 3rd, thousands will ascend upon Los Angeles to be a part of the World Underground experience. This event on June 2nd and 3rd will be filmed and broadcasted live on the Teambackpack Facebook event page. There will be a live studio audience and a worldwide audience watching and interacting with the event and the event’s hosts (via facebook posts in realtime). Our goal is to flex our ability to throw innovative and amazing events and create great content after the fact, while at the same time utilizing new media and broadcasting tools to drive traffic and interaction between all brands included. In essence, this interactive show/event is a “pilot” for a possible television show later on down the line. This show will consist of partnerships with TeamBackpack and the following organizations: INDIE, The 8 App, and MXL

2270 Venice Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90006-5115, United States

World Underground LA

“No single day tickets available” and “All ticket sales are final”

Please print out your receipt the day of the event for entrance.

Each year, we are focused on raising awareness for issues through the art. In 2017 we are dedicating our platform to raise awareness and fundraise for detroitwaterbrigade.org



Each year, we are focused on raising awareness for issues through the art. In 2017 we are dedicating our platform to raise awareness and fundraise for detroitwaterbrigade.org

  • damian brown

    For the 8 bars acapella verse can we do more than 8 bars or does it have to be eight bars?

  • Hoosier Daddy

    I Produced this Myself:

  • CharlieChazwick

    What is the duration of the week to submit? Since they announce winners every friday does that mean we have to get the video in before the friday of that week? Or are you announcing last week’s winners?

  • DrezOwens

    Here’s my entry for the week https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=KsAOHNsCUTY enjoy the message for everyone judging or listening


    so this is my entry for team back pack an hope u enjoy. check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcEoVY7uI0o

  • Atlas Hip Hop
  • Danny D. Ardee

    D. Ardee, hip-hop artist/producer out of Bridgeport, CT, provides his audience with an eclectic style, exploring the depths and many subgenres of Hip-Hop and Rap. Through his music, he experiments with numerous cadences and melodic flows with sounds originating from across the country and even overseas. As a writer, D. Ardee uses complex rhyme schemes and many literary techniques to not only give people something to party to but to explore how society influences our way of thinking as well. Growing up with Cape Verdean parents, this artist was exposed to countless styles of music from across the globe at a very young age. He utilizes this experience with the combination of Urban music in an attempt to unify all groups of people throughout the world.

    Click the link below to listen D. Ardee’s new album FAST TRAVELS ALONE on Spotify


  • Danny Alvarez

    I love TeamBackPack but 8 bars?!!! I dislike spitting 8 bars acapella as an audition. Keep it the way yah been doing it. I auditioned last year and in the decision process yah admitted yah didn’t go thru all the auditions yah “went by whose been active on social media” which was BS. So yah gonna go thru thousands of 8 bar auditions?!

  • Corrina Paterno


  • Matt Cunningham