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It’s been our goal since we began to help “The artist” which is why it only made sense to team up with “The 8 app” to take year’s competition to the NEXT level! It’s the only social media app that allows you to collect 80% of your ad revenue, while maintaining 100% ownership of your ideas. That’s complete creative freedom to make the art you believe in – and get paid for it. So, speak your truth – now is the time.

TeamBackPack and 8 believe in the artist and the power of the Hip Hop community to change the world. The voices of the people rise up through Hip Hop and we believe that by creating and sharing our voices on 8, we can unify everyone on the planet.


This year the TOP 64 Emcess from the online auditions all around the world will be invited to compete LIVE at World Underground LA. The 2 winners from that event will get an all expenses paid trip to new to York city where we will set you up with label mtgs with the industries top recording companies, an interview at Huffpost , and a spot featured on our Bar Fight Rumble television series being shot later this summer!

Step 1 download the The 8 App, create a profile, and follow TeamBackPack

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Step 2 record yourself spitting your hottest 8 bars, acapella (This means NO music in the background!). Here’s an example. Then upload your video to The 8 App using the hashtag #8bars.  You can submit one video each week and be sure to include the “Week” hashtag (for example: #Week1, #Week2, #Week3 etc.)  You should keep promoting your previous videos because it will help TeamBackPack find the hottest 8Bars for the final 64 selection!

Step 3 – Search #8Bars and check out some of your competitors – Follow them and support each other. We all rise by supporting the community.  

There will be 2 winners each week!

One winner will be chosen based on how many likes they have on their video and will receive $100 dollars.  The second winner will be chosen by TeamBackPack and will receive $100 dollars for having the best bars.

The 8 emcees that get the most love every week on “The 8 App“, will be promoted in the 8 Bars feature and shared on our TBP profile.  A great way to win is by inviting friends to 8 by sharing from 8 your post to your other social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, etc).  The competition runs for 22 weeks so there is time to really push yourself to get the most likes regardless of when you start.  



First, an audition video must be made of the entrant rapping an 8 bar verse acapella style. Entrants cannot use any beats or background instrumentals while recording and creating their videos.  The video must be submitted with The 8 App (“8 App”, an app that is independent from TeamBackpack and owned by WeAre8. Inc. “8”) using the hashtag “#8Bars.” Entrant has the option of uploading initially on YouTube and linking the video into The 8 App using [link to instructions].

[Download for iPhone]    [Download for Android]


The online portion of the audition process starts on November 1, 2016 and ends April 5, 2017. If you are one of the top 64 entrants chosen to move further on in the audition process, you will be emailed more information about the Live Audition at World Underground LA (dates TBD).


The TeamBackpack Online Auditions (the “Auditions”) are exactly that, AUDITIONS. This is not a “contest”. The best Audition performances, as judged by TeamBackpack will receive an invitation to the Final Auditions at at World Underground LA. TeamBackpack, LLC WILL NOT cover any expenses related to the participants’ travel or lodging to Los Angeles for the Live Audition / World Underground event.  Finalists will also be responsible for the registration fee of $150.  At the live event, the final two auditioners will receive a trip to New York for meeting with TeamBackpack and to participate in an exclusive itinerary arranged by TeamBackpack (details to be announced at a later date).


Participants must be at least 13 years old to submit a video to the TeamBackpack Online Audition. Live Audition participants who are invited and registered for World Underground LA are required to be 18 years of age OR have a signature from a parent/legal guardian permitting them to partake in the event. No one under 13 is permitted to participate.


Live Audition finalists will be selected from January 5th to April 5th, 2017. A panel of TeamBackPack judges will be choosing which Online Auditions are eligible for the Live Audition portion of the Audition Process. At “World Underground LA” the participants will be auditioning before a live panel of judges and the two finalists will be selected at the event.


It is a condition of entry that TEAMBACKPACK and 8 have the right to publicize, broadcast and communicate to the public the name, character, likeness and voice of any entrant for any promotion or matter incidental to the Promotion. Entrants may be required by TEAMBACKPACK to participate in photo, recording, video and/or film session(s) (the “publicity materials”) and acknowledge that TEAMBACKPACK has the right to use such publicity materials in any medium (including the 8 App and the Internet) and in any reasonable manner it sees fit. By entering this Audition Process, the entrant warrants that the submission (and any part thereof) is their own work, or that they have any permissions necessary from the owner of the material to reproduce and distribute the work, and gives permission for TEAMBACKPACK or 8 to publish this content through its social media, website, Newsletter, radio and television.


To the extent permitted by law, all entrants release from, and indemnify TEAMBACKPACK and 8 against all liability, cost, loss or expense arising out of acceptance of any prize(s) or participation including (but not limited to) loss of income, loss of opportunity, personal injury and damage to property, whether direct or consequential, foreseeable, due to some negligent act or omission or otherwise.


  • damian brown

    For the 8 bars acapella verse can we do more than 8 bars or does it have to be eight bars?

  • Hoosier Daddy

    I Produced this Myself:

  • CharlieChazwick

    What is the duration of the week to submit? Since they announce winners every friday does that mean we have to get the video in before the friday of that week? Or are you announcing last week’s winners?

  • DrezOwens

    Here’s my entry for the week https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=KsAOHNsCUTY enjoy the message for everyone judging or listening


    so this is my entry for team back pack an hope u enjoy. check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcEoVY7uI0o

  • Atlas Hip Hop