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  • Aeon Vay

    When do 2015 auditions start and how can I take part in them?

    • Jay Real

      Did you find out anything

  • Mic Lane

    When do 2015 auditions begin?

  • Guest

    I am also very interested in the Team Backpack auditions, I just bought an Apollo Twin, Shure sm7b, and Logic Pro X, and I am ready to go. I just need to know what to do..

  • Kenny Daprodigy Feagin

    Im building buzz and I need a rocket like you to propell me furtherso how would i go about getting on a cypher

  • Nahj
  • ✡Still I Rîze✡

    Anyone got the hook up for the 2014 beats?

  • Beast Minded

    Definitely looking to be a part of your movement or Cypher when you guys come to the Philly area.NJ, NYC etc. The Movement you guys have is so dope.

  • Focus Peterson

    Bringing reel rap back ………..thank you all for b n a part of it

  • bizz

    How so we get access to the beats

  • Thomas Teo

    it wont let me load the beats

  • Marta Diskordia

    Hey! Can i participate? Im from Spain!

  • YounG JR

    Where do I submit my verses my direct email address is youngjrmusiccolab@gmail.com send me any beat I’ll kill it

  • wheelz

    Wheelz d(-_-)b: http://youtu.be/OWU9PNkDi4c I Entered but never seen me on the list so here guys

  • http://WWW.FOE.COM Tobi Trilla

    How can I gt in the audition

  • U.DoxX

    Unorthodoxx Ent. would love to be able to step up and kill it, how can we auditioio

  • Sauce

    Where can I find the instrumental to the 2013 teambackpack audition winners?

  • LiL MaN
  • David Zachary Dishman

    How do I get in a cypher. I’ll murder any beat putt before me.. I’ve always wanted a chance

  • Tyler TheSavage Nelson

    So when is the next audition ? And how do make the first string ?? Lol (; no but frfr

  • Aldin Dean Ibričić

    When are 2015 auditions? I’d really like to enter again. I entered late last time and i completely believe that I can catch some ears. http://www.soundcloud.com/scrapethetop first track was my audition last time but i submitted late.

  • Wise Will

    How do I audition?

  • Zak Jay DiAnni

    How do I get on TEAMBACKPACK? Like how do I audition? I am a very talented artist and I’ll tear up any track you throw at me.

  • casper

    willing to be part of teambackpack in any way possible praferably with rap but im willing to help TBP in other ways also

  • https://www.facebook.com/weedydesai Rohan MRstoned Desai

    i wanna audition too email me at rmdesai420@gmail.com i wanna be in one of the cyphers

  • Jay Real

    How do you partake in this? Anyone know?

  • Brett Arellano Dunham

    How would I go about auditioning for teambackpack?

  • TyPhoon

    when does 2016 initiate im going to murder this place

  • Undeficit

    is the auditions still going on I want to turn up for Boston https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EBkyKQaWGC0

  • Kaleb Harris

    How do I join audition

  • Danzel Hines

    How do I audition for the next TBP chyper ?

  • Masta Rappa
  • Yung Wise

    So a bunch of people is asking how to auction also? I don’t see any details?

  • Nutty Strife

    Hey how do I find official beats for the 2016 auditions? Also, where do I go to submit my audition?

  • Hector Johnson

    Are there 2016 auditions?

  • B.i. Doublle
  • B.i. Doublle

    First Project available for Free Download ttp://www.datpiff.com/mixtapes-detail-2015.php?id=758197

  • Boodah Rodriguez

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yZO2xVzRZ4 #Prostreamztv #HoodHippies #RealHipHop

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