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A legacy has to be protected by TruthCity. And with success comes naysayers, doubters and even people who want to see you fail. “The Family” is a declaration of power. A battle cry for the hardworking. And an anthem for those with something to prove. Directed by Ferrari Xavi (FX) http://www.onmarsvisuals.com https://instagram.com/ferrari_xavi Produced by Yung […]
TruthCity finishes off the year with a personal poem to all fellow creatives to not lose themselves in this ever changing industry. Hear the inspiring message above Follow TruthCity: http://www.mrtruthcity.com http://www.facebook.com/mrtruthcity http://www.twitter.com/mrtruthcity http://www.soundcloud.com/mrtruthcity http://www.instagram.com/mrtruthcity
Official video for “Summertime” by TruthCity off of his debut album The Prologue. http://www.mrturtuhcity.com http://www.facebook.com/mrtruthcity http://www.soundcloud.com/mrtruthcity http://www.twitter.com/mrtruthcity http://instagram.com/mrtruthcity