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Now this is something we can relate to. The track is an homage to the rolling material Fronto leaf, which is sold in consumed mostly in MADWIZ’s hometown of Brooklyn, NY. The repeating chorus of “I gots to have it” speaks to the fact that some of us refuse to roll or smoke spliffs without […]
The video for “Too Good” is a most proper representation of the song itself. Set in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, the vision takes place at MADWIZ’s own neighborhood block party, and features vintage scenery of a midsummer day in “Spike Lee Town”. Cameo appearances by the neighborhoods most familiar faces are plenty, as well as appearances […]
After the release of his mixtape ‘Belly Of The Snake’ , Madwiz takes it a step further with amazing visuals for stand out track ‘Mean Gene’. He has no problem capturing the essence of the New York City streets. Trust me after watching this your going to want more. Stream the mixtape below.