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TeamBackpack is a hip-hop music platform, movement and media/live event production company that is changing the way hip-hop music and culture is consumed today. TBP creates experiences and content that drive the global hip-hop culture forward everyday by utilizing new technology, social media, brand partnerships, and (most importantly) focusing on outstanding artistry.

We believe hip-hop is the most important idea for this generation in influencing positivity, self-awareness, and change throughout the world. We are the soapbox for hip-hop culture, consistently providing opportunities to the best artists at every level, while connecting these artists to a growing community of viewers and listeners.

A team of dedicated individuals make up TeamBackpack, LLC, the organization that produces the events and media that drive the TBP movement. For over 7 years, we have put together hundreds of “content parties” in which the best hip-hop artists from all over the world congregate and celebrate the art of hip-hop. Each event is filmed and audio is recorded to provide bite-size content to distribute via Internet, television, and radio, in an effort to expose new talent to new audiences. TBP artists and content now reach 10’s of millions of people weekly and is some of the most viewed hip-hop content on the internet.

Now peering into 2017, the world is ready for a change in the music industry. People are fed up with the same radio sensation cycles and are interested in learning and hearing music that they can connect to and are inspired by. While hip-hop is growing in every major city of the world, we are here to provide a look into whats REALLY happening in this new hip-hop generation.