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Passionate MC
Passionate MC

Passionate MC has (arguably) one of the best verses from MULA 2014. This Rhode Island emcee and Grind Mode General is ranked at #6 for this exact verse. All three verses in this cypher have been ranked as well (JT at 13 and Emoney at 9), which you can see here! Passionate MC, who also recently became a father, has been making waves on the East Coast as well as on the TBP circuit since he stepped to the TBP mic in 2013. His fan base shows up in numbers, no matter what and it definitely fuels him to become a better artist, day by day. Passionate has not dropped too much new music as of late, however we are sure he is working on something EPIC for the fans. Check out more updates, music, and TBP content from Passionate by clicking his image to the right. ->

Back-Back on the Mission Underground with a foul mouth when I wild out like a Pow Wow
Better bow down to the crown now that the crowd’s loud
From the image of me shitting on these niggas like an outhouse
He better know, She better know, Heat’s gonna’ grow, reaching degrees that’ll smoke
Anybody who’s sitting in these seats that are close til’ you only can see them on repeats of the show
When you pay respect. Watching as I rock it like the Grateful Dead
Whoever doesn’t watch it, I’mma’ slay them next
Giving ’em the option to be laid to rest with a bayonet
Attached to the black AK-47 automatic weapon with the trigger mechanism
That’ll snapback like a hat whenever it’s tapped
Like a nigga trapped in the institute cause he went to shoot at his class
And clap that! Clap that!
Cause the flashbacks of him being laughed at and treated like a lab rat
I’m the serial killer and madman with a trash bag for your wasted material like it’s HAZMAT
But I never backtrack cause I’m Dexter
Leave you in the plastic wrapped with your neck cut
When I collect up the red blood for the next one to be a victim cause I’m killing ’til my breath’s done!
When I look at these niggas I flip ’em the finger for thinking that they’re sicker than ever
Whenever they be in the venue I be giving them terror!
Forever with the clever bars cause I’m giving ’em war, taking them all off, I’m a warlord!!
What you really think I brought the sword for?!
They’re gonna be running and jumping for freedom
The people who seem them will think that it’s parkour
Then I’ll rock ya mom just to hear her sing like she’s Chaka Khan
With a cock so strong it turns her box into an octagon!
I’m past insane! Everybody’s dealt with by my wrath the same
Catching more cases than conveyor belts at a baggage claim!
Off the record, smarter than a Harvard lecture
You will get dissolved in seconds like the salt ingested in your large intestines
I’m a boss and y’all gon’ respect it. (ZzzZzZZzZZzZzZz)
Play your bars? Motherfucka, that shit turned me to a narcoleptic!
Motherfucka, I’ll take any ten of you
Cranston, Rhode Island! A Grind Mode General!
Jeff Turner, Emoney, TeamBackPack!
Bar after bar, the shit that they need from me! That’s that….

  • Black Ghost

    Should’ve been #1