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#6 | Joell Ortiz | Top Verses of 2015



Team Backpack, What’s up?!
I wrote this last night in my bed/
Cause they’ve been sleeping on me people said/
Funny cause I could do this standing on my head/
I can’t stand y’all like 2 bad prosthetic legs/
Something like an OG, just a newer version of the old me/
Hungrier than I was back in ’03/
Got a little change, but I ain’t changed, niggas know me/
But the Rollie do shine while I’m holding up an O.E./
This thing here locked, you would think Joell a Rasta/
These niggas queer, they career’s on a teleprompter/
Bunch of gimmicks, motherfuckers couldn’t tell a chopper/
From a fifth, cause when I said that, they thought helicopter/
I tired of looking left and right. We made a left, right?/
And now I feel like everything that’s left ain’t right/
If you a up and coming rapper, here’s the best advice/
Chill out, I’m running the show without a extra mic/
I’m telling you God spoke to me/
He said “little man, listen closely, I gave you most of me/
Therefore you’re way more than man’s supposed to be/
Hopefully you reach supreme Yaowa” I said, “hopefully!”
Every track is hard/
I’ll single-handedly crack your squad in half for having average bars/
What’s a battle scar?/
I’m unscathed, I should smash guitars/
On your bum waves, or tangle your dumb braids for how trash you are/
Niggas probably like, “Ortiz spazzing” it’s just me rapping/
In a rush, I got a mean bad one waiting on me in the meat packing/
I’m bringing keys to the dream/
In case I’m the key to her dreams and she need me packing/
I been listening to the streets yapping/
Putting Gucci stickers on my laptop, you know, G-Macking/
See skill is something you will never see me lacking/
That’s a selfie in church clothes, picture me slacking/
I tried to tell y’all dumbasses/
In ’07 I make these niggas step on their white sunglasses/
Now we turning to Smurf Village, y’all let it/
But Gargamel been doing barbell presses/
I’ll stomp your little movement, crush your little cave/
Turn your wave to a ripple in a puddle near your grave/
I know the real you, the real you, so behave/
Without the lies and cameras you don’t want that action backstage/
I’m on my real new york shit, four-fifth careful where you walk shit/
Cause you could turn chalk next to dog shit/
Where I’m from we’re awkward, look Khalid, a coffin/
Spitting up your organs on your way to being corpses/
Every other day I stood around some shit that make you nauseous/
Buck 50, son cheek falling while he talking/
Dead woman walking, wish I saw the class portrait/
Shorty used to be bad that dope made her a monster/
Y’all niggas know, y’all niggas whack rap/
I put this cypher in my knapsack, nigga this Team Backpack/

  • chill

    o shit nigga that human shit really brought out the monster in joell
    cant wait for more shit to rock big ups

  • Wade Matthews

    didnt he spit this same shit in another cypher?.. not trying to ruffle any feathers.. but im ALMOST positive he did..

  • Anthony Sanchez

    ***Music Video Alert***

    Big Face Luciano | Twenty Five Eight ft Xavier White