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#4 | CyHi The Prynce | Top Verses of 2015



Yuh… LA y’all ready?! Okay
I see you nigga’s green, night goggles/
I’m a activist, I belong in a Sprite bottle/
I write novels, the last testament/
Thou said to Prynce, “you won’t find these verses in Christ’s Bible”/
My pistol ain’t got no body like a white model/
I don’t listen to rap niggas cause I like gospel/
I grew up with some Night Riders; David Hassellhoff/
Who won’t stop rapping white; Asher Roth/
Involved with albatross at the Travel Lodge/
Niggas try to sabotage a nigga catalogue/
Your sheep ain’t herd; my wolves will knock the cattle off/
Leave your whole neighborhood wet; it’s raining cats and dogs/
The rest of the survivors to the casa/
On tour with nothing but riders on my rider/
Whoever knew Duna was the driver of that Sonata/
That I would have so much truth inside my saliva/
Niggas throwing shade in my face, just like this visor/
So I got some partners that’re killers so I advise ya/
Not to fuck with young Elijah, cause my guys’ll/
Throw the body in the trunk and lake ’em like As-salamu/
Huh, we the saviors of our genre/
Huh, to bring the youth to the truth, is our honor/
From youngsters out in Ghana reliving Hotel Rwanda/
I can’t sleep cause there’s kids with nowhere to slumber/
We should give Nobels to mommas and women who held us under/
I know my momma worry, from my past of life’s crimes/
I still use a notepad when I’m writing my rhymes/
Cause literally, I put my life on the line/
I’m out this bitch/