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#3 | Illmaculate | Top Verses of 2015



Falling angels
Waiting on God to save you
No self-worth
When you talk the labels
They won’t compensate you
Watch them pass
Like a hot potato
Time is money
You point appraisal to waste mine
The cost is fatal
Rugars pop
The music stops
Dodge illuminati moving Cuban
Sipping juice on the roof with Pac
Keep it moving
Even if she the coolest bop
And Neo in the Matrix dodge the arrow
Get respect from a crowd
Of several thousand
Fly as the Millennium Falcon
You can watch
See me on the web
While you’re browsing
Chemically imbalanced
Money, mentally challenged
Stupid quap
Buying bolt
Now his packs are moving
I retire from Knicks like
Allan Houston and Patrick Ewing
Leave ya’ castle ruins
Every month UCLA, ay
They wanna hear the tracks I’m brewing
Ask the Cuban
The camera zoom in
God body rapping mutant
Alien, my act ain’t human
Lilith and Adam’s union
A catholic’s communion
See past illusion
With DMT my gland’s producing
Black lungs, Mac’s tongue is a handgun
Your jaw glass to a shaq dunk, yeah
I’m shang-sun, a mix of kuji rap pun
And every rapper Task1ne bit his raps from
Holy Mohammad
Smoking bowl with Madonna
Doing coke with Tony Mortana
Getting dome to Nirvana
I’m a couple beans short
Of the whole in enchilada
The mole-sauce, avocado
Queso and horchata
I might be gone
I prob’ won’t see tomorrow
Tell my bro and our momma
First to overdose off a Ganju
And I go
Bury me in Polo and pop a bottle of [?]
Toasted my honor
The sickest period
No coloms or commas
Hold up
I don’t overstate or embellish
Motivated to tell ’em
They cultivated a fellan
I’m oversaying it
Rather show to make an impression
Understand I’m underrated
And overstaying my welcome

  • Johnathan Orozco

    he says mix of Kool G Rap…. wtf is Kuji?