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#2 | Kaj Kadence | Top Verses of 2015


Who would’ve thought this young Brooklyn brat
Carolina fad, knuckle head
Would get ahead in life
Boy, my name good in every hood
Like fried chicken that’s been breaded twice
Lucky bastard
You would think this nigga happened
Shooting craps with loaded dice
I know the shit I’m saying is grizzly
But bear with me
From the city where the cubs is griddy
And bears semis
Hittin’ ya poad aplenty
Enemy souls be empty
Niggas deep in the Lincoln
I’ll pop your head for a penny
Love thy profit
Make change on ya dolly
Cause niggas is dime dropping
Gotta watch ’em, that’s a fact
Fayetteville summertime
Niggas got no chill
Pupils kill for the thrill
So I Keese my eyes on ’em like Jack
He would’ve known where the rappers at
We underground in the nap sacks
So what that mean, these niggas, teambackpack
So back back
Living Legends split your lower half
Get your ass cracked, scrap
Trying to live up to that gas
Let that shit go
‘fore niggas catch you slippin’
With the pump-up at the Citgo
That’s how it go, with this pencil
I’ll be fucking up your mental
My credentials? presidential verses
Matter of fact this ain’t a verse
Bitch it’s attempted murder
Waging jihad on infidels
Who dont believe in this God
I’m Allah, I’m Krishna, no I’m Jah
Bitch, I’m Ra
Think I’m Horus, think I’m Set
Blowing Buddah, Jesus Christ
Show me Judas, swear to you
I’ll fucking do ’em with a ruger
On some grown man dolly shit
Hoes who know me
Know I’d rather shit my own hand
Before a piece of a phony
Tenderoanies hit the phone
I only answer if it’s money
Or that crew from lakay
No matter how hard you try
You cannot do this like I
Thinking you can catch up?
Motherfucker, I switch gears
Bitch nigga, I’ve been here
Bad boy, this is my big year
First cypher had the world wondering:
“who the fuck was that in the Knicks gear?”
Coming from that burrow
With them niggas get wild cheese
Even though the D’s never leave the block
Like Styles P
Fuck it, I think it’s time that they crown me
Brooklyn, you birth me, Vietnam North khaki nursed me