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#18 | Passionate MC | Top Verses Of 2015



They’re about to [fucking / fuck n’] hate me like abusive sex.
I use the left then use the right till ain’t no use is left.
Choosing death, put you in a casket when I noose your neck.
Then get rid of that [coffin/coughin] like Mucinex.
I am hell’s depiction, so anybody that I [pick sure/ picture]
In a box, that’s how I [television / tell a vision]!
And if you’re betting on your life I’m joking, “Man I’ll — *Fuck You Up!”*
You probably just thought this mic was broken.
It’s too easy, nah nigga, fuck that!
I’m known to pop off at [will / wheel] like a hubcap.
And that’s the reason these labels won’t sign me,
Or own a rapper that’s even able to outshine me.
So I’d rather [Hops-in / Hopsin] with the Funk V,
And get [ya, (hearing / here and) Bent-on / Jarren Benton] like drunk teens.
While the DJs [hop across / Hoppa cross] like the [Swiss / SwizZz] in flight,
And praise Passionate for every song and [diss he write / Dizzy Wright]!
These hands beside me or a hammer poppin,
And they’ve corrected more niggas with [techs/ text], than a grammar Nazi!
I keep the strap by the ankle, house arrest.
Pop and give them a red top like Malcom X.
I quick pick targets, and click-click cartidges Darker than 6-6-6 offerings,
and hit stick all of them Hard as I can! Split your face in half like Harvey Dent.
I set the bar so I don’t have to set the bar again!
Oh your girl, that’s jealousy… Man, she had a part of me in her for 9 months, that’s pregnancy. We’re going bar after bar without fucking up Flawless, why don’t you show these niggas what the fuck is up?!