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#1 | Denzil Porter | Top Verses of 2015



2 38 white plains, represent the north side
Big 34 5 hidden behind that door prize
If I ain’t in the building
Probably too small of a door size
Been killing rappers behind these bars
Probably get more time
So sour while I soar by
No church, but I got royal ties
Then they kid nap, you get kidnapped
And then thin maggots tell wall flies
What they gon’ do
When I put two 38’s up
Like the score’s tied
Most of the openers in your state
Should’ve been tour guys
I don’t force mine
Be elevatin’ people
Like I’m the fourth kind
Two-face niggas, no difference
I’m looking all 4 eyes
Yeah we heard ya
Just look like a burger
With all them small fries
You’re a kid’s meal
I need your whole city
I need it all mine
No matter where you reside or rest
You’ll snap back fitted
I make sure you heard of mine
Like: “that’s that cat that did it”
You feelin’ froggy then ribbit
You wanna scrap, let’s get it
Just know my homies come packed
Like that hatch back civic, BUT YOU!
Just a regular life
By the way your crew is ass
We should call you cellu-light
I can’t bitch about my problems
I know dudes that do life
I know they wished they had my problems
So for you I do right
But if you do wanna meet my boots
I might go back to my roots
Niggas claim that they got the wisdom
That’s the back of your tooth
Niggas claim they spit that real shit
But what they lacking is truth
Papa’s a rolling stone
But I leave my hat in a booth
Meet him at the loot
And I’m just not the one stand to
Shine so bright, theirs can’t move
Box with all fours like a kangaroo
Near-death Is just a sample of my wrath
So far ahead of my path
Is what I can do
Y’all couldn’t pick up speed
Even if it came with a handle
Click-click, came to jam you
Have you jammin’ and you
Let’s keep jammin’ like [?]
With good rapping and bamboo
Getting pounds like hands do
Staying fresh like canned food
That bitch think she the shit
See what all them rears do
Can’t stand dudes
That’s why I’m in and out of their homes
Spoiling these bitches
Expect them to be strong on their own
All in they phones
Searching, tryin’ to see what all her letters ’bout
If fourth down, she wanna kick it
Just to spread it out?
They say stay in your lane
But I’m taking that
Find a better route
Life’s a bitch
Tied up in my basement
I won’t let her out
When I get in the building, they piss
They gettin’ ratted out
Cause niggas must’ve thought the were sick
They’re feeling better now
It’s Porter